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                In the middle of Tokyo, a gigantic company stood proudly with thousand of building surrounding him. Being known as the most popular company owned by Aoki Hiroshi, the billionaire of Japan, the company had more than 30,000 workers around the world. Even, it was listed as one of Japanese companies in Wall Street in US, making it as one of the well known company around the world. So, it was not easy for anyone to get into the company as well as gained a high position within the company. Except a woman.


                Walking firmly, Horikita Maki did not even look around her as her eyes kept staring at the front. Her usual slick and black coat and skirt, gave enough impression of other persons toward her. People stopped immediately, bowing deep toward her as she passed them. The office filled with uncomfortable silence with everyone bow on her and remained at their own place, stopping their works. Even, the manager of the human resource department remained immobilize at his place. Kojima Tanaka gulped nervously as he noticed that the woman was walking toward him with her usual expressionless. The sound of her heels moved rhythmatically like his heart beat. Unknowingly, pearls of perspiration formed on his forehead despite he was in the air conditioner office.


“Kojima san….” Her firm voice rang immediately in the office once she reached the man. All people never lifted their eyes from them as they exchanged scared looks between each other.


“H…h..hai, Horikita san.”Nervous could be traced from his deep voice.  Maki walked passed him as she added more.


“Follow me!” The firm instruction struck to the man’s mind instantly. His eyes were wide in horror, as his brain imagined something out of mind already. Sloppily, he brushed his clothes instantly, and with his shaking feet, he followed Maki. Suddenly, the woman stopped at once and turned around looking at someone else.


“You too, Saki san.” Her gaze pierced sharply on the long hair woman who clutched a file across her chest. Everyone was looking at her, with quizzical look. Before Maki turned back, the woman shook her head viciously and said softly.


“I….I don’t want to….” Saki said with her round eyes as she stared at the woman who tied her hair in bun. Stopping her feet, Maki turned once again. But this time her face accompanied with a very dark look. The spectacles that the witch wore did not even avoid the sharp look that she gave to her.


“Now!” The voice was small, it was loud and hard enough for everyone to hear. At that moment, Saki’s hands trembled badly and her gaze instantly shifted toward Kojima who would looked surprised as well. The two of them followed the woman unwillingly. Once the door of Kojima’s room closed, the workers started to murmur between them. Some of them were trying to peek inside but, none of them were dare enough to be close to the door.


“Excuse me!! Excuse me!!! Please give me a road!!” A woman’s voice came out from the crowd. Struggling her best getting out from the crowd, she was trying her best to hold the files within her arms.


“Ne!! Eri!!! Eri!!!” Shizuka, her housemate called her immediately while moving toward her fast, making Toda Erika stopped her pace immediately. Blinking her eyes, she fixed her gaze at the short woman.


“Why the witch came here?” Listening to the question, made Erika raised her eyebrows immediately. Ahhh….the gossiper…. Smiling sweetly, she lifted her shoulder and moved toward the manager of human resource department office immediately, leaving the short woman in question. Erika knew that they wanted to know what happened from her. Well, she loved gossips!! Totally do!! But not when it came to confidential issues that related to work. Nope!!


Knocking on the door, her long fingers twisted the door knob as she peeked inside. Her boss, Horikita Maki, was looking at the document on Kojima’s table. Her fingers flipped through the documents as her eyes never lifted from those.A habit! Closing the door softly, she walked toward the table and started to put the documents softly on the table.


“Sumimasen…Horikita san! This is the document that you want. And also….these….” Erika passed the confidential documents andsome letters.


Glancing at it, Maki just nodded slightly while never lifted her eyes from the documents. Knowing her boss’s habit, Erika instantly stood firmly on the ground three feet from Maki who never spoke anything. Her eyes wandered toward Kojima Tanaka and Kaname Saki who looked nervously than ever. Well, they should. Especially when her boss came to see them directly. Toda Erika whispered within her heart.


“Kojima san….it has been 12 years you have been working here, right?” Maki’s voice said sternly while kept looking at the documents. The man, gulped nervously, as his looked at Maki through his glass.


“Y…yes, Horikita san.” Maki nodded softly and started to look around her. Her forefinger moved on the table as she looked at it and something caught her eyes instantly. Taking the frame on the table, she looked intently at Kojima’s family picture for a long time. It was a happy family seeing from the picture. But, still, it did not affect her decision after all.




                The murmurs that kept echoing within the human resource department never stopped till the door of the office opened once again, revealing Horikita Maki following by Toda Erika. The office became like a desert at once with it sudden silence when the woman stepped out from the office. Ignoring the look that she had, Maki kept moving toward the door.

“Stop!!!!” The man’s voice came out from the room, making everyone turned their gaze toward the room immediately. Kojima came out from his room, with his disarray hairs as well as his clothes. People gasped in shock seeing the sight. With his tremble hands, he shook the letter within it as his eyes widened in horror. But, the woman did not stopped from moving her feet. Different with her secretary, Erika who kept looking behind her and pursed her lips tightly than ever.


“I SAID STOP, YOU WITCH!!!!” At that moment, her heels stopped clacking on the floor and turned her body toward the man. Breathing heavily, the man pulled his tie and locked his dark look to Maki. But still, it did not affect Maki that much.


Noticing the uneasiness atmosphere, Toda Erika pulled back her body  and fixed her gaze on the man.  However, she could not stand that dangerous look on that man, making she looked on the floor or exactly on her feet. This is insane…..working like this!  She sighed deeply.


“You don’t mean this, aren’t you? About firing me, Horikita san!!!” Kojima asked while moved his feet toward her. Although the man was slightly tall than Maki, but for the woman, it still did not intimidate her that much.


“No, I mean it.” She answered shortly while never leaved her fixed eyes on the man. Her dark brown looked at him with coldness filled within it. People who looked at her, might thought she was an angel with her look, although she was the real devil after all within her heart.


“You are stupid!!! Why I would be fired when I am the one who in charge in this place!! Not you!!! You stupid bitch!! Do you realise who are you? You are only financial executive!!! Don’t think that when you are one of the top executives in this company gave you power to fire me!!!! “ He snarled at the woman, while gave her an ugly look. But, the woman remained cold and expressionless.


“Kojima san, we talked already inside. I don’t want to say again since it’s going to give bad impressions to your colleagues already, right?” Maki said nonchalantly while folding both of her arms across her breast.


“Ah!!! I don’t care!!! I don’t believe it!!! You are a liar!!!” He shouted loudly, making most people was taken aback. Usually, their manager was always calm when it came to any kind of situations including when handling conflicts. Seeing the event in front of them right now, making them really shock and disbelieve with it.


“If I’m lying to you, then the signature that was on your letter was a liar too. Right, Kojima san?” He stared at her in horror. His hands turned to a tight fist. Horikita Maki, still stood proudly on the ground, looked at him while continued her words. Unknowingly, his eyes glanced for a while at the letter and turned back toward the woman in front of him.


“It is Aoki  Hiroshi signature. He signed the letter himself. As Human Resource manager for nearly 7 years, you should know already that the chairman would not sign unless it is the big issue that will affect his own company. You know that yourself, Kojima san.” People started to murmur hearing the woman’s words making the man became panic than ever. The woman’s words started to make him lose dignity and virtues in front of everyone.


“I …I don’t believe it!!! You are a liar!!!” he shouted to her trying to cover up what he said.


“It’s up to you. If you are reluctant to move out from the office, I’m willingly to call the security to force you out of here.” Maki said sternly and started to move from the place, leaving the man behind.


Kojima Tanaka never felt humiliated like this before. Not by a woman! And the person was younger by him. It had been nearly 12 years he worked inside Aoki company, and never failed to gain success with his hand. But, just twenty minutes ago, the woman words made his beautiful world collapsed immediately. Unknowingly, his feet trembled as his body shivered, controlling his anger within him. The blood rushed to every part of his body, making him could not think rational anymore. Looking around, he saw something. Within a second, he grabbed a pair of scissors on the table and ran toward Maki.


“Oh god!!! Horikita san!!!!” Toda Erika shouted loudly, when she realized the former manager of Human Resource department dashed toward her boss, carrying the scissors. Automatically, Maki turned around and found out the man was already near to her. Before she could step back, the man started to slash the scissors to her. It missed once making the man became angrier than ever.


“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” The man shouted toward her, as his hands kept swayed once again the scissor to slash once again.


But, this time, the woman was unlucky enough as it sliced through her arms sleeves, leaving a deep cut on her white skin. Kojima’s lips flickered up a bit, satisfying on the damage he had done on the woman. His eyes travelled back toward the woman’s face….but to his shock, it was opposite what he hoped for. His veins nearly popped once again when he noticed really well on the woman’s reaction. Maki was just looking at the cut with cold expression. Not even moaning and even crying. Anger boiled inside him already. Gripping on the scissors tightly once again, he striked to the woman once again.


“You should die!!! Die!!!!” The man shouted once again as his hand moved aimlessly toward Maki. Everyone pulled back except Maki who remained at her place.


Suddenly, a man grabbed Kojima’s hand, from strike once again, twisted it violently making the scissors fell on the floor immediately. While another person took hold his body firmly, locking the man’s arms immediately.


“Argh!!!Let me go!!! Let me go!!!!” Kojima shouted while struggling under the men’s strong hold. But, the two men did not even budge and still stood firmly on the ground holding the man. Toda Erika instantly called security and moved toward Maki.


“Horikita san…..are you okay?” Toda asked as her eyes wandered on her arms. The woman just nodded, with her expressionless face. The blood did not even stop from dripping from her arms.


“What are you doing? Can’t you see there is a person bleeding here? Can’t anyone take any emergency box after all!!!” Erika snapped immediately, noticing nobody helped her. They even had difficult expression on their face. The long hair woman, gritted her teeth immediately. Suddenly, a hand touched her shoulder.


“It’s okay, Toda san. Plus, we needed to rush for the next meeting.” Maki said softly, while looking her.


“But….but your hand….” Maki gave her a dark look, making Toda Erika stopped her words immediately. Clasping her hands tightly, she bit her lips holding what she wanted to tell to the woman. Frustrated could be seen from her face. Maki breathed deeply as she turned her body.


“Let’s go, Toda san…” She spoke softly and started to move out of the office. Nodding her head, she followed the woman before stopped her pace after a few steps. Slightly turned her body, she bow toward the two men who was still holding Kojima within their arms.


“Thank you so much for saving my boss….” Erika said softly while smiling. Then, instantly she dashed out of the office, running after her boss.


“Oiii!!!Oi!!! Bitch!! I haven’t finish with you!!! I’m going to kill you for sure!!!I’m going to kill you!!!!!” Kojima shouted loudly toward the door. But then, one of the men held him, spoke rudely in kansai.


“Shut up, you jerk!!! Your mouth is stinks!!!” Ryo said loudly while pushing the man’s head on the floor. Yamashita Tomohisa just looked at the man before shifted his gaze back toward the door. His eyes caught the blood drips that trailed on the floor to the door, following the woman. For him, it was not a nice vision after all. 



Author notes: Thank you for reading and subrscribing my stories. I don't know whether the stories could challenge my previous fic, but I will try my best writing it. More chapters to come. COMMENTS ARE LOVED!!! hehehhehehehhehe



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